Video from the 2013 Carinthia Cycle Marathon

By Cycling Dad:

Due to popular demand, here’s the video from the 2013 Carinthia Cycle Marathon that I took with my helmet camera. And here’s the full race report.

In case you have been wondering why there hasn’t been a post on the Cycling Parents Blog for more than a month and we still owe you the Berlin and Mondsee race reports – yes, we’re still in business! Just struggling to keep up with the lot…! The extensive training for the Oetztal Cycle Marathon and Endura Alpentraum later this year is taking up a lot of time, but it also is fun as the long-awaited summer has finally arrived. Both Alex and I are currently spending up to 20 hours per week on the bike, taking turns in looking after the children. We’ll spend the next week in the Swiss Alps to hone in on our climbing skills. Hopefully we’ll find time to post a story or two on the way. Bear with us!