Full ahead into 2013!

By Cycling Dad:

Going on holidays has turned out a bad idea from work’s perspective, as I found myself extremely busy immediately after returning to the office. So here is but a short update.

However, there has been some progress on the training side and I am mostly on track. I even managed to complete my first 100k ride with 1100m altitude gain in the days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Also, I retook the Functional Threshold Test a few days ago and managed to sustain both a higher heart rate and a higher (perceived) power output than the first time. My new training zones are:

There are some small updates on the website. On the landing page, you can now find my training stats since the beginning of December. Figures include number of rides, distance cycled, total altitude gain, calories burned and my current weight, along with a weight reduction target. Every kilo counts in the season ahead.
I’ll try to give you a monthly update on these figures.

Unfortunately, so far I have not received a reply from Michael Creed yet, but once he runs out of clothing, I expect him to come back to my offer.

I’ll be back with longer stories soon, so stay tuned!