Weekly Training Summary Dec 3-9 / Training Zones

Just a short update as there’s a ton of work to be completed before Christmas. I have a feeling that most of you may be facing a similar time crunch at this time of the year ;)

After the previous week’s recovery, I had a strong start into the new week, doing a Functional Threshold Test on the static trainer on Tuesday. This test allows you to determine the highest physical intensity that you can sustain for approximately one hour, and also provides references for the different heart rate zones recommended for training. I wish I could be more instructional and provide you all the details and theory, but this will have to wait for another time. Here are the results:

With the aid of my newly established training zones, I spent another hour on the static trainer on Wednesday, with 3 x 5 minute efforts at the top of HR Zone 3 and 5 min easy spins in HR Zone 2 between each effort. The workout felt more structured and I pushed myself a bit harder than I usually would during an hour on the static trainer.

Thursday only saw a 30 min swim session as I got to the pool from work only around 8.30pm. Still better than no workout, which became Friday’s feature. No workout, and around eight big pints of beer on the sidelines of an icehockey match…

Unfortunately, the weekend rides turned out rather disappointing. It stated snowing heavily on Saturday and I had a hard time on my mountainbike, resulting to equal parts from a lingering hangover and from freezing cold feet from carrying the bike across snowy passages at the beginning of the trail. I abandoned the ride after around half an hour and retired to the bathtub.

Sunday’s ride was only marginally better. Overnight, the snow had been cleared off the roads with tons and tons of salt. The sun then came out to further dry the tarmac, which should have provided excellent riding conditions if it were not for said tons of road salt, which soon formed small piles on the shoulders of the road. I have never seen that much salt on a road before. You could even hear the road salt under the tires, as if driving on a layer of sand along a beach walkway. As a result, every passing car drew up a fat dust cloud which one could not help but inhale. Can’t be healthy… besides, temperatures were still a bit chilly. No wonder my buddies from the cycling team did not show up for the rides this weekend. So I called it a day after only around 60k… 

Here are the somewhat disappointing details of this ride:

Better luck this week. Stay tuned.