Quick recap of the 2013 cycling season – and a fresh look ahead!

By Cycling Dad:

Hi all,

The Cycling Parents have been a bit quiet recently. What has happened?

The 2013 season ended with a double bang – first the Oetztaler Cycle Marathon. After the race, I was working on an epic writeup – but woke up to a loss of all data on my hard drive, a move to Berlin with the family and a new occupation to keep me from blogging (and cycling). Bummer.

Here’s one picture to sum the entire Big O up – it was wet. It was cold. It was a tough race, but I made it. 10:52:09 h. Kudos to all of you who completed this race in 2013. It was mad.

Okay, one more picture. It was epic, but it was also fun!

One week later, I was on the starting line for a race in my hometown with my buddies from the old days. Axel, Basi – you guys rock and I bet you can see that I enjoy racing with you:

Two weeks after that, Alex and I participated in the Endura Alpentraum. Here’s another picture to sum it up:

The best part about the Endura Alpentraum was that I got to ride it together with my soulmate Alex. Apart from that, this race is sheer madness. It took me 12:57:47 h to reach the finish line, and I arrived there completely wasted. I honestly do not know how we made it, but we did it.

After these two races, Alex and I spent the rest of the year cycling for pure enjoyment, spent more time with the children and even looked into setting up business in the cycling industry. All of this took time away from blogging. Eventually, we decided to move from Austria to Berlin, Germany, where we arrived in January after two month of commuting between both cities. Life is slowly starting to “normalise” again, with the near promise of kindergarden places for the toddlers. Oh, needless to say that Konstantin and Johanna are taking more of our (and especially Alexandra’s) attention now. ;)
Family always comes first.

As we are slowly getting back in the saddle, this blog shall live up again soon to collect our cycling memories. The Big News is that this year, Alex has won a starting position in the Oetztaler Cycle Marathon lottery and is planning to get in shape for it. Oh, and there are a couple of other surprises, but I will leave it to Alex to tell you more about it.

We are thinking about moving the blog to a German language format – simply so we can produce content faster and hopefully also more eloquently than writing in a second language. What do you think about this idea? Do you think that Google Translator can help you keep up with our voyage? Is there anybody out there still reading this blog?

Keep in touch!

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